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Classic Cars and Byways - Owners Don Buchholtz & Laura Beechwood

Don Buchholtz & Laura Beechwood,

Owners of Classic Cars and Byways,
and passionate about classic sports cars!

There's a community of folks who love these cars. They're beautiful, they smell of old leather, they sound like no car you've heard in 30 years -- they're just plain fun!



Classic Cars and Byways, based in Newton, MA, started in 2008. Like all successful entrepreneurial efforts, our company is driven by passion. In our case, passion for the beauty of classic sports cars and for the chance to have our customers experience the same fun we've had with unique and stylish cars on the back roads of New England.

We began planning Classic Cars and Byways in 2007.
I knew about companies that offered exotics - Ferraris, Lamborghinis and the like - but nowhere did it seem possible to drive one of the beautiful sports cars from the 50s and 60s without buying and maintaining one yourself. It looked like there was an opportunity to fill a niche and feed my passion at the same time.

The company we've launched is built on the advice and wisdom of scores of businessmen and women - and "car guys" - who have been incredibly generous with their expertise.

Regrettably, after operating a self-drive business model for four years we found the cost of insurance to be prohibitive.  We now offer our Speedster for photo shoots -- commerical, weddings, or any other occasion when a classic beauty will make all the difference. 



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